PHY568 Flavour Physics

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Andreas Crivellin
Rafael Silva Coutinho

Matthias König
Andrea Mauri

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PHY568,  402-0723-00L

This course in FS2019 will cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of flavour physics in the quark and lepton sectors. It addresses Master and PhD students and consists of lectures and exercises.


Tuesday from 15:00 till 16:45 in room Y36 J33 at UZH Campus Irchel.

Wednesday from 10:15 till 12:00 in room Y36 K08 at UZH Campus Irchel.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact one of us:

Name Room Telephone Email
Andreas Crivellin

Rafael Silva Coutinho Y36 J22 044 635 5760

Matthias König Y36 J42 044 635 6774

Andrea Mauri Y36 J24 044 635 5920


Date Topic Lecturer
Feb 19 Standard Model Crivellin
Feb 20 CKM matrix


Feb 26 Basics of Loop integrals Crivellin
Mar 05



Mar 12

History of (experimental) Flavour Physics

Silva Coutinho
Mar 13 Measurements of the UT

Silva Coutinho

Mar 20 EFT (II) König
Mar 26 UT Angles and CP Violation Silva Coutinho
Apr 2


Apr 9

Rare B Decays

Silva Coutinho
Apr 16

Special Lecture

Apr 30 Experiments on Neutrino Physics

Silva Coutinho

May 7   Crivellin
May 14

Experimental Aspects on BSM Searches

Silva Coutinho
May 21 Special Lecture  


Discussion Session Topic Tutor

Feb 27

Lorentz Invariant Phase Space


Mar 6 B_s mixing König
Mar 19 Hands-On Exercises (I) Mauri
Mar 27 Hands-On Exercises (II) Mauri
Apr 3 tba König
Exercise Sheets Hand out Discuss

Sheet #01 (PDF, 171 KB)Solution (PDF, 228 KB)

Feb 20 Feb 27
Sheet #02 (PDF, 148 KB)Solution incl. Mathematica code (PDF, 249 KB)  Feb 28 Mar 6