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PHY563 Standard Model and Beyond

General Information


  • The Fermi theory of weak interactions  
  • The Standard Model (SM)
  • Electroweak precision tests of the SM
  • Higgs physics 
  • Flavour physics
  • Neutrino physics 
  • The main open problems of the SM
  • The SM as an effective theory 


Lectures + Exercises (start 22.02.24)

Thursday 09:45-12:30 in HCI H 2.1 (ETH Hönggerberg campus)

N.B.: By default there will be 2 hours of lectures followed by 1 hour of exercises; however, in some cases this separation may change. Specifically, on the first day (22.02.24) there will be 3 hours of lectures and no exercises.

Lecture Details

Lecture Date Handwritten notes
Lecture 1 20.02.2024

Notes, sect. 1 - 2 (PDF, 7 MB)

Lecture 2  29.02.2024 Notes, sect. 3 (PDF, 5 MB)


Exercise Details

Exercise set Correction date Correction notes
Set n. 1 (PDF, 132 KB) 29.02.2024  
Set n. 2 (PDF, 185 KB) 07.02.2024  


Suggested References