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PHY465 Experimental Astroparticle Physics - Lectures

Lecture Calendar


We will add links to the lecture slides as the course proceeds.


Date Lecturer Topic
Feb 19 Alexander Kish Introduction and overview (PDF, 9 MB)
Feb 26 Laura Baudis  Neutrinos (I) (PDF, 18 MB)
Mar 05 Laura Baudis  Neutrinos (II) (PDF, 11 MB)
Mar 12 Roman Hiller Cosmic Rays (I) (PDF, 8 MB)
Mar 19 Laura Baudis Neutrinos (III) (PDF, 63 MB)
Mar 26 Roman Hiller Cosmic Rays (II) (PDF, 12 MB)
Apr 09 Michelle Galloway Dark matter evidence (PDF, 32 MB)
Apr 16 Alexander Kish Candidates for dark matter (PDF, 2 MB)
Apr 23 Olaf Steinkamp Indirect searches (PDF, 60 MB)
Apr 30 Olaf Steinkamp
May 7 Alexander Kish Direct detection: principles (PDF, 3 MB)
May 14 Michelle Galloway Direct detection: signatures and backgrounds (PDF, 5 MB)
May 28 Michelle Galloway Dark matter direct detection experiments (PDF, 22 MB)