PHY465 Experimental Astroparticle Physics - Lectures

Lecture Calendar


We will add links to the lecture slides as the course proceeds.


Date Lecturer Topic
Feb 20 Alexander Kish Introduction and overview (PDF, 42 MB)
Feb 27 Roman Hiller Cosmic rays (I) (PDF, 8 MB)
Mar 06 Roman Hiller Cosmic rays (II) (PDF, 12 MB)
Mar 13 Michelle Galloway Astrophysical evidence for dark matter (PDF, 28 MB)
Mar 20 Alexander Kish Dark Matter Candidates (PDF, 8 MB)
Mar 27 Olaf Steinkamp Indirect searches for dark matter (PDF, 58 MB)
Apr 03
Apr 10 Alexander Kish Principles of direct detection (PDF, 6 MB)
Apr 24 Michelle Galloway Direct detection signatures (PDF, 2 MB)
May 08 Michelle Galloway DM_experiments1 (PDF, 11 MB)DM_experiments2 (PDF, 13 MB)
May 15 Laura Baudis Neutrinos (I) (PDF, 11 MB)
May 22 Laura Baudis Solar neutrino (PDF, 11 MB)
May 29 Laura Baudis DBD (PDF, 62 MB)