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PHY465 Experimental Astroparticle Physics - Exercises



We will post exercise sheets and supporting materials as the course proceeds.

Proposed topics (PDF, 36 KB) for the exams on May 28/29. Select and reserve your favourite by email to Olaf, or let Michelle know during the exercise session on April 1st.


Sheet Discussion on Topics
1 Feb 18 Instruments for CR detection
Instruments for CMBR detection
Friedman equation
2 Feb 25 Rotation velocity
Rotation velocity and Dark Matter
Energy in the universe
Gravitational lensing
Neutrinos as Dark Matter candidates
3 Mar 4 Viral theorem
Galactic rotation curves
Dark matter in galaxies
Modified gravity
4 Mar 11 Sun's mass accretion
Sun's power and mass loss
Charged Earth
Electromagnetic cascade
GZK cutoff
5 Mar 18 Geomagnetic cutoff
Energy loss for muons
Compton backscattering
Muon energy in pion decay
Electromagnetic shower
6 Mar 25 High-energy gammas
Cherenkov radiation
Solar neutrinos
Cosmic muons
Cosmic neutrons
7 Apr 1 Requirements for good DM candidates
Axion mass
Sterile neutrinos
WIMP number density
8 Apr 15 The PAMELA positron fraction (PDF, 40 KB)
(link to paper and to supplementary material)
9 Apr 22 WIMP capture and annihilation by Sun and Earth (PDF, 77 KB)
10 Apr 29 Missing E_T, missing M_T
WIMP pair production in Higgs decay
Backgrounds in CMS monojet analysis
11 May 6 Differential WIMP density and collision rate
Energy of the recoil nucleus Minimum/maximum
WIMP velocity
Differential event rate as a function of WIMP energy
12 May 13  
13 May 20  
14 May 27