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PHY391 Proseminar Theoretische Physik

General theme: selected topics in particle theory and condensed matter physics

The talks present a selection of topics in theoretical physics which are relevant to high-energy/particle and condensed matter physics.


General Information


Monday 10.15 - 12:00 as a zoom meeting. The zoom link and password will be communicated to the registered students before the start of the semester.

Assignments of the Themes: Monday 22.2.2021.

Introduction to the Themes (PDF, 4 MB)

The various themes will be presented and possibly assigned during the first lecture. Students unable to attend the lecture should contact M. Grazzini as soon as possible.  Presentations should be in English.  The pdf file of the presentation should be sent to M. Grazzini by email at the latest the Friday before the scheduled presentation.

Actively participating in at least 80% of the zoom meetings is, in addition to giving your presentation, the prerequisite for passing the module.

Necessary conditions for passing the module PHY391

  • Make one presentation
  • Take part in at least 80% of the presentations by other students.



Date Topic Supervisor Student
08.03.2021 Lorentz and Poincare groups Luca R

Claire Marie Costantini

Noether theorem Chiara

Jana Baron

15.03.2021 Ising model Luca R

Helena Kühnle

Solitons Luca R

Antonia Beffa

22.03.2021 Brehmstrahlung  Chiara

Govanni Parri

KLN theorem Luca B

Noah Brugger

29.03.2021 Antiparticles Ben

Loredana Baratti

Beta decay Chiara

Sofia Rohrer

12.04.2021 Quarkonia Luca B

Valentino Aerne

Kaons (cancelled) Chiara

Max Mario Lüscher

19.04.2021 Neutrinos Luca B

Aline Schneuwly

Higgs mechanism 1 Chiara

Nando Zwahlen

26.04.2021 Higgs mechanism 2 Bastien

Yves Bicker

Inflation Ben

Albert Perjokaj

03.05.2021 Black holes Ben

Gieri Candinas

Majorana fermions Bastien

Bernhard Fenner

10.05.2021 Quantum Hall effect Bastien

Severin Nägeli

Berry phase Bastien

Ji Jiahang

17.05.2021 Bell inequalities Luca R

Nikolaus Morawietz

Extra dimensions Ben

Christopher Magnoli

31.05.2021 Random systems Luca R

Yannic Göldi

Chaos theory Luca B

Johannes Christmann