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PHY321 Electrodynamics

Materials and information on OLAT

The following materials and additional information will be available on OLAT: slides presented during the lectures, exercises and solutions.  

Module requirements

In order to pass the module each of the following requirements must be met:

  • 33% of the available points of exercises 1-6 (33% of 6*20 = 40 points)
  • 33% of the available points of exercises 7-12 (33% of 6*20 = 40 points)
  • 50% of the available points of exercises 1-12  (50% of 12*20 = 120 points)
  • pass the exam

General information


Lecture: Prof. Dr. Stefano Pozzorini Y36 K78
Exercises: Oscar Lara Crosas Y36 H70
  Dr. Florian Herren Y36 K84
  Mohamman Al Minawi Y36 J38
  Arianna Tinari Y36 J44

Rooms and schedule

For the coordinates of lecture and tutorials see the  UZH lecture calendar


Lecture and exercises in English

Main Topics

  • Electrostatics
  • Magnetostatics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Relativistic formulation
  • Electromagnetic waves in the vacuum
  • Electromagnetic waves in matter


Main textbooks:

  • W. Nolting: "Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 3: Elektrodynamik"
  • D.J. Griffiths: "Introduction to Electrodynamics"

For selected topics:

  • J.D. Jackson: "Classical Electrodynamics"

It is recommended to read the "mathematical preparations" in Chapter 1 of Nolting's book.

Lecture notes:

  • Slides are available on OLAT.



General recommendation

Investing a significant amount of time for solving the exercises during the semester is crucial for the understanding of the lecture and plays a very important role as a preparation for the written exam!


All problem sheets and related materials will be managed via OLAT.


The students are split (via OLAT) into two groups with two assistants each

Group Time Place Assistants
1 Fri 8:00-9:45 Y27-H-35/36 Oscar Lara Crosas + Mohammad Al Minawi
2 Fri 8:00-9:45 Y36-J-33 Arianna Tinari + Florian Herren

If needed the two groups will be rebalanced after the first 1-2 weeks.

Workflow of exercises 1-12

There will be 12 marked exercises. The workflow for the Nth exercise is as follows

  • Thursday of week N at 1 PM: publication of problems on OLAT (exercise 1 on Feb 29)
  • Friday of week N: preliminary discussion and hints during the tutorials (exercise 1 on Mar 1)
  • Wednesday of week N+1 at 4 PM: deadline for submitting solutions via OLAT
  • Friday of week N+1: discussion of solutions during the tutorials

Exercise 0

This exercise is devoted to a recapitulation of important mathematical techniques. It is not compulsory and will not be corrected/marked. However it is strongly recommended.

It will be presented in the tutorial of Friday Feb 23 (8:00-9:45), which takes place for everybody in room Y27 H35/36.

Solving the exercises together

Solutions can be handed in in groups of two students


Detailed information regarding the exam will be available on OLAT