PHY231 Data Analysis - Exercises


  • Recommendation: Use PyCharm & Anaconda & python 3.8 (we assume you are using this setup, otherwise let us ( know)
  • You should work alone on your script. Teamwork and the exchange of ideas is encouraged, but the implementation/code must be written solely by yourself.
  • The solution to the python part should be a single python script i.e:
  • Answers to written questions can be uploaded as a PDF along with the python script.
  • Any exercise results should be printed output i.e. use print(f'a) Result: {result_of_a}')
  • Data files should be always located in the same directory with your script i.e. np.loadtxt('data.txt')
  • Plots that you make should be saved after the execution i.e. plt.savefig('thebestplot.png'). Also, please comment out for the final submission as it jams the execution.

Attendance exercises take place on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 5 pm in parallel in terminal room Y36 J23 and in lecture hall Y36 J33 and on Zoom. 

As a rule, solutions to the exercises are to be submitted no later than 14:00 am on the Friday the following week (so 10 days after the sheet is released) (an exception to this is the first sheet which should be submitted on the Friday of that week). Detailed instructions will be given in the first practice session on September 21st. At least 50% of the exercises have to be solved correctly.

A test will take place during the practice session on November 16th. At least 50% of the possible points must be achieved.

The event will be graded (6 to 1 in 0.5er steps). The grade is a 50%/50% combination of the results of the test, the exercises. 

The language of instruction in the exercises is English.

Exercise sheets and other documents on the exercises will be linked here in the course of the semester.