Seminar in Theoretical Particle Physics

Monday 11:15

UZH Y36 K08 - Campus Irchel

Autumn Semester 2020

Date Speaker Title Slides


Luca Buonocore (UZH) Leptons in the protons and implications for LHC phenomenology

Slides (PDF, 8120 KB)

28.09.2020 Matthias Neubert (Mainz U.)

Factorization at Subleading Power and Endpoint Divergences in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory

Slides (PDF, 33163 KB)

05.10.2020 Joseph Davighi (Cambridge) Global anomalies in the Standard Model(s) and Beyond Slides (PDF, 461 KB)
12.10.2020 Luca Mattiazzi (Padova) Feynman Integrals and Intersection Theory Slides (PDF, 6855 KB)
19.10.2020 Adam Falkowski (Orsay) Which EFT Slides (PDF, 1983 KB)
26.10.2020 Luca Di Luzio (DESY) The quest for the QCD axion: status and perspectives Slides (PDF, 62344 KB)
02.11.2020 Kai Yan (MPP, Munich) Soft-gluon Factorization at Two-loop in Full Color Slides (PDF, 13189 KB)
09.11.2020 Massimo Passera (Padova) Muon g-2 and Δα connection Slides (PDF, 5873 KB)
16.11.2020 Gregor Kälin (DESY) A Post-Minkowskian EFT for the Gravitational Two-Body Problem Slides


(5:30 PM)

Hitoshi Murayama (Berkeley and Kavli IPMU)

Origin of matter and gravitational wave


Slides (PDF, 18678 KB)
30.11.2020 Zoltan Nagy (DESY) Summations of large logarithms by parton showers Slides (PDF, 8873 KB)


(5:30 PM)

Yuber Perez-Gonzalez (Fermilab) The diffuse supernova neutrino background, a new window to the Universe Slides (PDF, 63008 KB)
14.12.2020 Marco Bonvini (Rome) Probabilistic definition of the perturbative theoretical uncertainty from missing higher orders Slides (PDF, 3893 KB)



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