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Top-quark mass effects in HJ and HH production via gluon fusion at NLO QCD

Matthias Kerner (UZH)

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 at 11:15, in Y16 G05 - Campus Irchel


Studying the properties of the Higgs boson is an important goal of the experiments at the LHC. Of particular interest are the production of Higgs bosons with large transverse momentum in association with a jet, as well as the pair production of Higgs bosons, since these processes are sensitive to physics beyond the SM. Their dominant production mechanism is gluon fusion. In contrast to the production of a single Higgs boson, however, the heavy top limit provides only a poor approximation for these processes due to the high energies required to produce the final states. Therefore, theoretical predictions retaining the dependence on the mass of the quark in the loop are required. The NLO corrections therefore involve the calculation of two-loop integrals with internal mass, which are currently not known analytically. In this talk, I will present a method to calculate these integrals numerically using sector decomposition in combination with a quasi-Monte Carlo integration algorithm. The results are compared to various approximations and phenomenological predictions for the LHC are presented.