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Experimental Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminar

Monday 14:00

UZH Irchel Y16 G05 (TBC)

Note: these seminars will likely be hybrid events, with both in person and remote Zoom connections possible. This will be confirmed on a case-by-case basis. Connection details will be made available.

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Current Program - Spring 2021



15 February

Georgios Krintiras (University of Kansas)

Top Quarks and the Little Bang Standard Model

Indico link Stefanos Leontsinis

22 February

Xavier Bertou (CONICET)

International collaborations from the
southern hemisphere, the Pierre Auger Observatory and the ANDES Deep
Underground Laboratory

Indico link Yanina Biondi

1 March

Patrick Stengel (Stockholm) Searching for Dark Matter with Paleo-Detectors Indico link Ben Kilminster

8 March

Francesco Pandolfi (INFN Rome)

Carbon Nanostructures for Directional Light Dark Matter Detection

Indico link Cristina Botta

15 March




22 March

Gabriele Visentin (University of Zurich) Restricted Boltzmann Machines: theory and applications Indico link Nico Serra

29 March

Catalina Curceanu (INFN Frascati)

Gravity-related wave function collapse tested in the cosmic silence

Indico link Laura Baudis
12 April Tamara Vazquez Schroeder  (CERN) New results from ATLAS on ttH  Indico link Florencia Canelli
26 April Josh McFayden (University of Sussex)

Precise test of lepton universality (ATLAS)

Indico link Florencia Canelli
3 May Anna Sfyrla (U. Geneva) Looking forward to new physics: The FASER experiment at the CERN LHC Indico link Ben Kilminster
10 May        
17 May Anna Soter (ETH Zurich) Precision physics using exotic atoms and antimatter Indico link Lea Caminada
31 May Andrea Mauri (NIKHEF)     Reinforcement Learning in HEP     Indico link Nico Serra
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