Seminar in Condensed Matter Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Campus Irchel: Y36-K-08


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Fall Semester 2021


Date Speaker Title Host
22-09-2021 Harald Brune Creating permanent single atom magnets and possibly single atom qubits Fabian Natterer


13-10-2021 Anna Roslawska

Light-matter interaction imaged at the sub-molecular level (DOCX, 13 KB)

Fabian Natterer
20-10-2021 Tomasz Smolenski

Spectroscopy of strongly correlated electrons in atomically-thin materials (DOCX, 14 KB)

Titus Neupert
27-10-2021 Adolfo Grushin   Titus Neupert
3-11-2021 Libor Šmejkal    Stepan Tsirkin


Stephen Hayden   Johan Chang
17-11-2021 Phil King   Johan Chang
24-11-2021 Tomáš Rauch   Stepan Tsirkin
1-12-2021 Jose Lado  

Titus Neupert

Michael Denner

8-12-2021 Kyle Shen   Johan Chang
15-12-2021 Karin von Arx   Johan Chang
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