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Sound velocity study of charge order across the phase diagram of YBCO

D. LeBoeuf1,*, C. Proust1, F. Laliberté1, B. Borgnic1 , M. Frachet1 , J. Porras2 , T. Loew2 , M. Le Tacon2 , B. Keimer2

1Laboratoire National de Champs Magnétiques Intense, CNRS, EMFL, France

2Max Planck Institut, Stuttgart, Germany


Email: *



In underdoped YBCO, short range charge density wave correlations appear well above the critical temperature Tc1,2. The charge modulations are mostly bidimensional. Below Tc, the application of a magnetic field causes change in the charge order and reveal a three dimensional and rather long range order, as seen by NMR3, sound velocity4 and x-ray measurements5,6. Here we report a doping dependence of high fields ultrasonic measurements in underdoped YBCO to determine the phase diagram and the critical doping where charge order disappears.




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