PHY291 Proseminar in Experimental Physics

Thursday, 10:15 - 12:00

UZH Y36K08  - Irchel Campus

2 ETCS points (60 h)

Presentations of NP day 1: Thursday April 11th 2019

Presentations of NP day 2: Thursday April 18th 2019

Language: English
Attendance: mandatory
Grading: failed/passed

General information

This year the talks will cover Nobelprizes (NP), where the Noble lecture shall be the starting point for the 25 minutes presentations.

The slots will be assigned in February by draw, where the allotted student may chose the slot from the remaining themes.


Learning Outcome

After successful participation in the proseminar, the student will have learned:
1. to use the basic methods of literature retrieval
2. to condense the knowledge from scientific papers into a presentation
3. to obtain good presentation skills
4. details about different methods and experiments in condensed matter, particle and astroparticle physics

Additional information

The talks should take 25 minutes, additional 10 minutes are reserved for questions and discussion.
Evaluation criteria:
1. structure and organisation of the talk
2. presentation of basic knowledge
3. presentation of advanced aspects
4. quality and relevance of presented formulae and figures
5. the clarity of the presentation
6. the ability to present the topic with excitement and enthusiasm
7. time keeping
8. the ability to answer questions

Experimental Proseminar: Program

  date speaker topic coach



Fabian Natterer Introduction and Slot allocation  



Andreas Wiemeyer   Johan Chang



Jens Oppliger NP 1981 Thomas Greber



Pascal Rothenbühler   Fabian Natterer



Laura Meier-Villardita

NP 1956

Marta Gibert



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