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Physik-Institut The SHiP experiment at UZH

Elena Graverini

Elena Graverini, Dr

  • Former member (PhD student PostDoc)

Research interests

As undergraduate student, I worked on GEM detectors for the RD51 collaboration, on silicon sensors for the CMS upgrade, and developed a GPU-based L0 trigger for the NA62 experiment. After pursuing undergraduate studies at the Universities of Siena and Pisa in Italy (2007-2013), in January 2014 I joined the University of Zurich as a PhD candidate.
I am now a member of the LHCb collaboration, where I take part in the operation and monitoring of the Silicon Tracker. I am currently involved in data analysis, where I study lepton universality using semileptonic b-baryon decays. Since 2014 I am also part of the SHiP collaboration, for whose discovery potential I provided careful estimates, as well as playing a key role in the detector design process.