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Florencia Canelli - new CMS Physics Coordinator

Congratulations to Florencia Canelli who started her job as CMS Physics Coordinator September 1st!

Florencia Canelli

As CMS Physics coordinator she is one of the two lead scientists charged with reviewing the entire scientific output of the CMS experiment. The main role of the Physics Coordinator is to help define the goals and types of research that thousands of collaborators undertake as they make measurements or hunt for new physics. She'’ll be responsible for organizing activities to produce and review the physics results of the CMS experiment. CMS scientists publish well over 100 papers each year and it it the Physics Coordinator duty to oversee all of the issues that go into ensuring that the results are correct and the best that can be produced. Furthermore, the physics coordinator takes care of organizing the production and processing of data and completing a schedule of complex, minute calibrations which require lots of coordination and communication. The two-year term started September 1st, 2021 and ends on August 31st, 2023.