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Theory meets Experiment in Particle Physics

Theoretical particle physicists of UZH have completed new precision calculations for processes involving vector boson pairs that describe the LHC data at unprecedented accuracy

Vector Bosons

Vector boson pair production measurements at the CERN LHC probe the Standard Model theory of particle physics at unprecedented energy and precision. Interpretation of these data requires highly accurate theory predictions, which were completed recently at our institute [more].

The following plot shows the cross-sections for WZ production at different centre-of-mass-energies measured by the ATLAS collaboration in comparison to the predictions.

WZ Bosons

The computations include perturbative corrections at the second order in Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD) and are obtained with sophisticated techniques which exploit advanced algebraic and numerical tools and heavily rely on the S3IT computing resources of the University of Zurich.

The following plot shows cross-sections for di-boson production measured by the CMS collaboration in comparison to the predictions.