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Scientifica 2017 - what data reveal

Our institute was present at Scientifica 2017 with a show, two short lectures and a booth.



Scientifica 2017, organized by UZH and ETHZ, took place September 1-3 and  attracted more than 30'000 people. Our institute was present with a show, two short lectures and a booth.

The Physics show from Hugo Keller and Peter Robmann revealed the physics behind everyday phenomena with many fascinating experiments.
Titus Neupert talked in a short lecture on the progress in the development of quantum computers and explained what these computing machines can be used for in the future.
lecture by Ben Kilminster and the presentation at the booth with the participation of the LHCb and CMS groups, showed how unprecedentedly large data
sets, collected at extraordinary rates, can be distilled into a single yes/no answer taking as an example the discovery of the Higgs boson.