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Video Conference Y27 H36


  • As the room has to reserved in advanced, the room should be open.
  • To get access to the video equipment get the corresponding key at the 
    Information Desk Y23 H53.
  • Ask for the "Seminarraumschlüssel".
  • You need to sign for the key and will have to bring it back after the conference.

Video Infrastructure

Follow the instructions below to switch on the system:

  • Panel
     Panel 1
  • Switch ON
    Panel 2

    Press top left button.

  • Beamer
    Panel 3

    Press "Andere" and select the following items:

    • Beam Front

    • Codec Data

    • Codec Audio

    • Ext Audio

  • Camera and Audio
    Panel 4

    Press "Expert" and select the following items:

    • Video Konferenz

    • Video Kanal

    • Kamera Student

    • Audio "Nach Codec" (On Air)

    Under the tab "Kamera Control" you can move and turn the cameras.

Vidyo Connection

To connect to a Vidyo room, use the other (white) panel.

  • Connect to the CERN Vidyo Gateway address
    Enter the following IP address:   and press "Anruf"
  • When you hear the voice, enter the conference extension and a "#".
    You find the extension on the indico page of your meeting.
  • You should now be connected.

End of the Conference

  • Disconnect the video conference.
  • Switch off the conference system.
  • Look the video equipement cupboards
  • Bring the key back to the Information Desk.


If you encounter problems, you can contact the MELS team. Responsible for this room is 

Eduard Propp.
Telephone: +41 44 63 42641