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Physik-Institut Group of Nicola Serra

Katharina Mueller

Katharina Mueller, Dr.

  • Senior researcher
+41 44 63 55772
UZH Y36-J-05

Research interests

I received my PhD from the University of Zurich with a thesis on the measurement of the structure function of the proton at the H1 experiment. After my PhD I spent a few years as a Postdoc at DESY in Hamburg and at the University of Heidelberg. At DESY I worked on the trigger of the H1 experiment and on the measurement of prompt photons while in Heidelberg I was involved in the design of a new trigger chamber for the H1 experiment and the mass production of the tracking chambers for the LHCb experiment. In 2000 I came back to the University of Zurich and was strongly involved in measurements including prompt photons in H1.

Since 2012 I am a member of the LHCb collaboration where my research interests lay in measurements of clean Standard Model processes such as measurements with electroweak bosons as well as diffractive and central exclusive production. All these processes probe the structure of the proton and are sensitive to the parton density functions.