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Physik-Institut Lidia del Rio

Lidia del Rio

Essentia Foundation Research Fellow for Quantum Information Theory

My research programme takes an operational, agent-based approach to explore the foundations of quantum physics, thermodynamics and cryptography. 


Current projects

All pictures by the talented researcher and artist Dr. Nuriya Nurgalieva

test theories

Can we test whether a new physical theory satisfies the laws of thermodynamics? Yes, through an operational view of thermodynamics as a subjective resource theory that centres the agent's perception and actions. This is an ongoing project with Ladina Hausmann, Nuriya Nurgalieva and Renato Renner.


quantum computer

Can we program quantum computers to simulate thought experiments, and use this to test different interpretations of quantum mechanics? Our first results show that interpretations like Copenhagen with a subjective Heisenberg cut lead to logical contradictions; you can also use our software to program your own thought experiment. Joint work with Simon Matthis, Nuriya Nurgalieva and Renato Renner.

rational agents
rational agents cont.

Can we model rational agents in other physical theories? How does physics restrict the kind of reasoning available to agents? What aspects of a physical theory lead to incompatibility with classical logic? We explore these questions in works with Nuriya Nurgalieva, V. Vilasini and Ladina Hausmann.

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Most famous line: "If physical theories were people, thermodynamics would be the village witch." From our topical review on the role of quantum information in thermodynamics, with John Goold, Marcus Huber, Arnau Riera and Paul Skrzypczyk.

Also known for: Co-founding Quantum Journal with Christian Gogolin and Marcus Huber. Creating and running summer schools on quantum computing, quantum foundations and quantum thermodynamics, with Nuriya Nurgalieva. Sometimes being volunteered into organising large conferences.