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Physik-Institut Theory of Topological Matter

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  • Spectra of hyperbolic lattices from supercells

    In our latest PRL work, we formulate a novel method for efficient modelling of hyperbolic lattices. Simultaneously, two associated software packages have been publicly released to make the technique accessible to the broader community.

  • Simulating hyperbolic space on a circuit board

    Our group published a paper in Nature Communications presenting a strategy for verifying that electric circuits can emulate the physics of negatively curved spaces and demonstrate that electric circuits, designed by the electronics workshop, can do so efficiently.

  • Delicate paradigm for topological band structures

    Our theoretical work extends the paradigm of topological insulators to areas which were previously thought to contain only trivial insulators.

  • From triple point degeneracies to nodal-link semimetals

    Our latest work, published as a PRB Letter, reveals a previously unknown and robust conversion of triple nodal points into linked nodal lines.