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UZH sustainability policy The official, UZH wide policy on sustainability that was created in 2019.
Swiss Federal Office for the Environment  
Cook et al. 2013 Meta-study that quantifies the consensus on  human-made climate change to 97%.
Klima-Infoblatt The most relevant scientific facts around climate change, condensed to a 2 page A4 factsheet (German)
Knowledge center S4F Germany A compilation of facts, proposed solutions and material for spreading awareness curated by Scientists for Future Germany (German)

Sustainability and Academia

UZH factsheets Compact, useful factsheets and guidelines on different sustainability aspects.
DPHYS, ETHZ sustainability roadmap

The department of physics at ETHZ has created an extensive report and issued measures and recommendation after a thorough self-analysis.

Many of these results should be approximately applicable to the Department of Physics at UZH.


Measures and tips for individuals

UZH tips The "low hanging fruits" of measures one can enact individually.
Federal Office for the Environment “Klimatipps” (DE/FR/IT) Similar to the above, but less specific for academics. Contains lots of references for further reading at the bottom.
Greenhouse gas emissions from UZH in tons of CO2 equivalents. Source: UZH Sustainability Report 2018 (short version)Sustainability