Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Nobelpreis für Physik 1921

Academic Curriculum Vitae

1896-1900  Studies of mathematics and physics at ETH

1906 Dissertation at the University of Zurich "A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions"

1908 Habilitation at the university oft Bern

1909-1911 Professor for theoretical physics at the University of Zurich

1911-1913 Professor German Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague

1913-1932 Professor at the University of  Berlin

1932- 1944 Professor at the 'Institutes for Advanced Study' in Princeton, New Jersey

1944 Professor emeritus

Important research

1905: The quantization of light and the photoelectric effect

1905: A new determination of molecular dimensions (doctoral thesis)

1905: The Special Theory of Relativity

1905: Equivalence of mass and energy

1911: Light diffraction at large masses

1911: Wave/particle dualism

1915: The general theory of relativity

1917: Cosmological reflections on the general theory of relativity

1919: Cause and Effect

1924: Bose-Einstein condensation


1921: Nobel Prize for physics for his work on the light quantum hypothesis, the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect

1923: Genootschap medal (Genootschap ter Bevordering van Natuur-, Genees- en Heelkunde)

1925: Copley Medal (Royal Society of London)

1929: Max Planck Medal (German Physical Society)

1935: Benjamin Franklin Medal (Franklin Institute, Philadelphia)

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Nobel Prize 1921 for Albert Einstein