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Ereignisse 2017

Mini-Workshop: Impact of Bs→μμ on New Physics Searches

This common workshop of PSI and the University of
Zurich which took place at PSI with 40 participants was dedicated to the measurement of Bs→μμ from LHCb, CMS and ATLAS and its impact on the
searches for New Physics. The workshop provided a forum for both experimentalists and theorists to discuss the future prospects, the impact on New Physics models as well as the connections to R(D), R(D*), Kaon decays and Lepton Flavour Violation


Scientifica 2017 – “What data reveal”


September 1-3

The Scientifica that took place in the main buildings of UZH and ETH attracted thousands of interested people. Our institute was present with a show, two short lectures and a booth.
Hugo Keller and Peter Robmann revealed the physics behind everyday phenomena in a show with many fascinating experiments. Titus Neupert talked in a short lecture on the progress in the development of quantum computers and explained what these computing machines can be used for in the future. The lecture by Ben Kilminster and the presentation at the booth with the participation of the LHCb and CMS groups of our institute, showed how unprecedented large data sets, collected at extraordinary rates, can be distilled into a single yes/no answer taking as an example the discovery of the Higgs boson.

Endohedral Single Molecule Magnets

June 24–27, Villa Gabrald, Castasegna


ACES Workshop

June 29-30

ACES (Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space) is a space mission whose heart is an ensemble of atomic clocks on board the international space station (ISS) and microwave and optical links to compare the onboard clocks to clocks on the ground. It features a cold atom clock (PHARAO) that will bring unprecedented accuracy into space, together with world-wide dissemination of its time-
scale to ground clocks. The launch of ACES/PHRAO is expected for end 2018.
About 60 participants followed the 2-day workshop at the Irchel Campus.



Invisibles17 -School and Workshop

June 12-16

The annual Invisibles17 events were this year hosted by the University of Zurich. Both focussed on neutrino, dark matter and CPV physics and their connections, and more generally on physics beyond the Standard Model. 57 students attended the school, which took place at the SBB Centre Lowenberg in Murten, and included lectures, tutorials and a poster session.
The workshop at the University of Zurich was attended by 160 participants, with thematic sessions on beyond the Standard Model physics, neutrinos, cosmology, dark matter and more.


Young Physicists Forum

 April 22-23 at UZH

The annual Young Physicists Forum (YPF), which is a meeting place for physics
students from all Swiss universities, was hosted by the student associations of UZH and ETHZ. In total 48 participants attended the event which focussed this year on
computational science.


International masterclass in particle physics

March 24

The international masterclass in particle physics was held at our institute for the 10 th time with a new record of 79 participants. Each year more than 13.000 high school students come to one of about 200 universities or research centres for one day in order to learn about the mysteries of particle physics.


CHIPP Winter School of particle Physics,

12.-17. February

Every second year the Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP) hosts winter schools for PhD students and postdocs based on their activities in particle and astroparticle physics.


ZPW17 - the second run of the LHC


9. - 11. January 2017, Zurich

Zurich Phenomenology Workshop is a forum for particle physics researchers to discuss the latest developments in phenomenology. It took place in Zurich January 9-11 2017.