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Charge order and superconductivity in kagome materials

Researchers from the group of Titus Neupert publish in Nature Physics.

Neupert 12/21

The kagome lattice, named after a pattern of Japanese basketry, is a well-known theoretical playground for studying the interplay between frustrated geometry, correlations, and topology. In a Perspective article published in Nature Physics, researchers from the group of Titus Neupert, Princeton University, and the University of Würzburg highlight a family of materials in which these features combine to produce a rich phase diagram featuring intriguing phenomena such as an unusual charge order and superconductivity. The compounds in this family, KV3Sb5, CsV3Sb5, and RbV3Sb5, fill a long-standing gap in the available scope of quantum materials and open exciting avenues for future research.

Nature Physics Perspective (2021)

Picture credit: Princeton University