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Data analysis II

Course structure

This course is a follow-up of the data analysis course PHY231. The course is worth 2 ECTS and is focussed on some more practical aspects of data analysis. The course will be split into two parts. The first half will be a set of three lectures with accompanying exercise sheets. The second half will be a three-week data analysis project with a report and presentations due in May. The schedule is shown below:

Time and location: Y36 K 08 on Tuesdays at 10:15-12:00

Zoom link for lectures: [here]  Password communicated by email (please ask if you are not yet subscribed). 

OLAT for material: link here

Date Notes
21st Feb  Lecture1 - Monte Carlo techniques 
28th Feb  Exercise session 
7th Mar 

Lecture2 - Numerical optimisation


14th Mar Exercise session 
21st Mar Lecture3 - Multivariate classification
28th Mar Exercise session 
4th Apr

Introduction to projects (Material on OLAT)

ProjectI (Tracking Detector)

ProjectII (Compton Scattering)

ProjectIII (Experiment design)

ProjectIV (Pion decay)

18th Apr Status updates 
9th May Project reports due
16th May Project presentations



Patrick Owen: Y36 J 22 (044 63) 55817  
Sergio Sánchez Cruz: CERN


The course will be graded 1-6 with 50% of the grade coming from the exercise sheets and 50% coming from the project (report+presentations). A requirement to pass the course will be 50% of the marks from the exercise sheets and 50% on the project.