PHY211 Kern- und Teilchenphysik I

General Information

Dozent: Prof. Nicola Serra

Dr. Patrick Owen

Mr. Davide Lancierini

Lab course:

Olaf Steinkamp

Alex Kish

Giorgia Rauco

Shayne Reichard

Vorlesung: Mittwoch, 10:15 - 12:00, in Y16 G05
Freitag, 10:15 - 12:00, in Y16 G05

Book I: Particles and Nuclei - Povh, B., Rith, K., Scholz, C., Zetsche, F.

Book II: Modern Particle Physics - Mark Thomson

Admission: Attendance to the lectures

GRADE: Final Written Exam (3/4) + Laboratory (1/4)

Homework will be post on this page and the solutions will be discussed by assistants in the exercise classes. You will be notified in advance when homework are posted and when there will be e exercise session.

Date Lecture Notes

20-22 September

Nico Serra Lecture1 (PDF, 13515 KB)
27-29 September Nico Serra

Lecture2 (PDF, 7110 KB)

Exercises (PDF, 158 KB) (will be corrected the 4th October)

4th October Davide Lancierini Exercises (PDF, 167 KB) (will be corrected the 6th October)
6th October Davide Lancierini Exercise correction
11th October Patrick Owen Lecture 3  (PDF, 2605 KB)
13th October Patrick Owen Lecture 4 (PDF, 3507 KB)
17th October Nico Serra Lecture 5 (PDF, 3157 KB)
19th October Nico Serra Lecture 6 (PDF, 2881 KB), Lecture6a (PDF, 2356 KB)
25th October Nico Serra Lecture 7 (PDF, 3465 KB) (Exercises (PDF, 169 KB) will be corrected 3rd November)
27th October Nico Serra Lecture 8 (PDF, 4487 KB)
1st November  Nico Serra Lecture 9 (PDF, 3734 KB)
3rd November



Exercise Corrections
8th November Davide Lancierini Dirac Equation
10th November Patrick Owen Feynman Diagrams and QED
15th - 17th November Nico Serra Lecture 10 (PDF, 6930 KB)
22nd November Nico Serra

Lecture 11 (PDF, 4980 KB)

Exercises (PDF, 130 KB) (to be corrected on 24th)

24th November Patrick Owen

Exercise Correction

Exercises (PDF, 176 KB) (to be corrected on 29th)

29th November Davide Lancierini Exercise Correction

1st December

6th December

Nico Serra

Lecture12 (PDF, 9344 KB)

Exercises (PDF, 167 KB) (to be corrected 8th December)

8th December Patrick Owen Exercise Correction
13th December Nico Serra Lecture13 (PDF, 13048 KB)
15th December Nico Serra Particle Fever
20th December Nico Serra Exercises (PDF, 1896 KB)
22nd December Davide Lancierini Exercises (PDF, 246 KB)



- Written Exam (Formulas (PDF, 822 KB))

- Date: 9 January 2018

- Time: 10.00-13.00

- Location: Y 16 G 05

- Co-examinators: Dr. Patrick Owen, Mr. Davide Lancierini


Lab Course

The lab course consists of setting up a small experiment (either "Angular Distribution" or "Positronium"), collecting data,  analyzing the data and writing a short report.

The experiments will take place January 15-26, 2018, in rooms Y 11 G 48 (Angular Distribution) and Y 11 G 78 (Positronium).

You work in groups of two. You have received the schedule by email. Each group has two full days to set up the experiment and collect the data. Each group then has one week to do the analysis and write the report. For example, if you do the experiment on January 15/16, you should hand in the report by January 23.

To prepare, please consult the manuals:

In case of questions, please contact Olaf Steinkamp (Positronium) or Alex Kish (Angular Correlations).