11th International LISA Symposium

5. – 9. September 2016
Irchel Campus, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Common Questions

Welcome to the LISA Symposium XI. We are very happy to welcome more than 250 participants and are looking forward to an interesting and engaging conference. This sheet will give you some important information about the course of events.

Public transportation

  • You were sent a personal ticket for public transportation in Zurich. Please do always carry it with you, either printed out or on a mobile device, as well as some form of personal identification. Using public transportation without having the ticket and identification on you will result in a fine (CHF 100.-).
  • Your ticket is valid within the city limits of Zurich (Zone 110) from Monday to Friday. It is also valid for traveling to the conference dinner on Wednesday evening. However, it is NOT valid for the way to the airport, you will need to buy a separate ticket for that.
  • We recommend that you download the "SBB Mobile" or "ZVV Mobile" apps to your phone, they are available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone. It allows for an easy search of tram and train connections. Alternatively, you can visit the websites www.sbb.ch / www.zvv.ch.
  • See "transportation" on the left hand side

Lunch and coffee breaks

  • Coffee breaks are between 10:30 and 11:00 in the morning and from 16:30 to 17:00 in the afternoon (15:15 to 15:30 on Wednesday afternoon). Coffee/tea and snacks will be served next to the registration desk.
  • We recommend having lunch in the Mensa Irchel between 13:00 and 14:00. The cost of a regular meal is CHF 10.50 for guests and you can get free water after the checkout. You will need to pay cash in Swiss Francs, as the Mensa does not accept credit cards or foreign currencies.
  • There is an ATM close to the Mensa.
  • There are two other cafeterias on the campus for a quick snack.


  • We will offer a presentation computer. To ensure a smooth transition between talks we would prefer if you used this computer, but you can still use your own laptop. The beamer has HDMI and VGA connections, and the recommended resolution is widescreen 1280x720.
  • The talks will be recorded and streamed online for viewers who cannot be present. If you wish not to be recorded, please let us know in advance.


  • There is an eduroam connection available on the campus.
  • Alternatively, there will be access codes for the SSID "public" on site.

Conference dinner

  • The conference dinner will take place on the Uetliberg at the restaurant Uto Kulm. An aperitif will be served at 18:45, the dinner will start around 19:30.
  • You can either take the train up the mountain or go on foot:
    Going on foot: Take tram 14 from Milchbuck in the direction of Triemli at 16.29. You will arrive at the meeting point, the final stop Triemli, at 17:00. From there, Rafael will lead you up the mountain. The hike should take around one hour.
    Going by train: Take tram 10 (from Universit├Ąt Irchel) or 14 (from Milchbuck) to the main railway station. From there, train S10 leaves from platform 22 at 18:05, towards Uetliberg. The train arrives at around 18:25. Your personal ticket includes the trip to Uetliberg.
  • You were given a ticket for admission to the dinner. Please bring it with you on Wednesday evening.
  • If you are vegetarian, you were given a green ticket. Please put it on your table at the restaurant, it will make the waiters life much easier.

Sight Seeing / Events in Zurich

visit the official Tourist Information