Einholen von Gutachten

Es müssen folgende Personen ein Gutachten schreiben:

Der Vorsitzende des Promotionskomittees holt die Gutachten ein, unter Beachtung der Regeln der Vertraulichkeit. Die zu verwendende Formulierung befindet sich weiter unten. Den Promovierten wird auf Verlangen die Einsicht in die Gutachten in anonymisierter Form, nach dem Promotionsverfahren gewährt (PVO § 34).

Formulierungsvorschlag für das Einholen von Gutachten:

Dear Colleague

...   <personal part>

We would like to ask you for the favour to  evaluate the PhD thesis of <name> and write a short review report about it (1 to 2 pages in length). The thesis is accessible through .....

Please use your official letter head. Specify clearly the name of the PhD student and the title of the thesis. You are welcome to send your letter as an email attachment. Electronic signatures are allowed.

The letter should end with an explicit recommendation to our faculty to graduate <name> to PhD  (Dr. sc. nat.). 

<this paragraph only, if a distinction award is intended> Our faculty awards a distinction to the best 5% of our PhD students. In case you are convinced, that this thesis belongs to the best 5% you have ever seen, please express this explicitly in your letter.

Doctoral candidates have the right to see their review reports after the examination process is completed. External reports like yours will only be provided anonymously, with your name and letter head removed.

Your effort to help us in evaluating this thesis is appreciated very much.

Yours sincerely   ....