The Globe in Milky-Way Projection

This map shows where you need to be to see your favourite part of the Milky Way. Whatever crosses your location on the map will be directly overhead in the sky at some time during the day or night. You can see some part of the Milky Way from anywhere in the world, but centre of our Galaxy is best seen from Australia (Aboriginal Australians knew it well) or southern Africa or South America. For the best view of the Magellanic clouds, you need to go to Antarctica. You also need to pick the season when the Sun is far from what you want to see.

Drawing a globe on a piece of paper is impossible to do perfectly, but there are many many ways to do so usefully. Here is a new one, really just a variant of the Hammer projection, well-known to astronomers, but aligned with the Milky Way. This animation takes a world map, rotates it to align with the Galactic plane, transforms to Hammer projection, and finally superimposes the GAIA sky map.