Frontiers in Computational Astrophysics:
 The Origin of Stars, Planets and Galaxies

An ESF exploratory workshop


Program: Here is the final program - pdf format

Talks: Please click here for the presentations - ppt and pdf format.

  Arrive Sunday 26th September 2004, work Monday-Wednesday (27-29th).

Organisers & Contacts: Lucio Mayer, Ben Moore, Joachim Stadel
For emergencies during the workshop please contact Ben Moore on mobile # 079 309 0452

Funding: An exploratory workshop funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Zrich.

Aim: The aim of the meeting is to discuss the grand challenge problems in computational astrophysics, to critically compare existing grid and particle based techniques and to discuss future algorithms for simulating cosmic structures.

Who: This workshop is by invitation only and will bring together many of the leading researchers in computational astrophysics as well as several experts in computational fluid dynamics.

Where: The workshop will take place at the 4**** hotel Regina in Wengen high in the Bernese-Oberland. We have reserved 30 single rooms and will inform the hotel who will be arriving. All participants will stay at the hotel which will provide a full breakfast, three course lunch and five course evening meal. (Anyone wishing a double room or to stay longer than Sun-Wed nights should contact us or call the hotel directly.)

Wengen is a car free village. If you are driving, then you must leave your car in the indoor parking at Lauterbrunnen. From there it's a 15 minute train journey up to the village. You can either walk (two minutes) from the station to the hotel or call from the courtesy phone for a porter.

Location maps
Railway time tables

Excursion: On Thursday morning we will visit the observatory near the summit of the Jungfrau (weather permitting). This is spectacular train ride up through the center of the Eiger to reach one of world's most incredible research stations.

Fly to Zrich or Geneve airports and catch the train to Wengen.
From Zurich airport you can take a direct train to Interlaken and then change at Lauterbrunnen for the final cog train to Wengen (about 3.5 hours). From Geneve take the train to Bern and change at Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen.
You can drive to Lauterbrunnen where you need to leave your car and take the cog train (14 mins). Railway time tables

Weather: in September could be sunny or wet, cold or warm.

Proceedings: None.

Participants: Matthew Bate, Stefano Borgani, Patricia Tissera, Willy Kley, Ralf Klessen, Hal Levison, Richard Durisen, Volker Springel, Ake Nordlund, Willy Benz, James Stone, Benedetta Ciardi, Juerg Diemand, Tobias Kaufmann, Petros Koumoutsakos, Georges-Henri Cottet, Stavros Kassinos, Romain Teyssier, Joe Monaghan, Vicent Quilis, George Lake, Frazer Pearce, Massimo Dotti, James Wadsley, Elizabeth Tasker, Ben Moore, Joachim Stadel & Lucio Mayer

Special thanks to:  Joe Silk for initiating this meeting & Petros Koumoutsakos for helping with the SOC.

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