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Physik-Institut der Universität Zürich

Herbstsemester 2020 / Frühjahrsemester 2021

Information about modules Tutorat PHY261 and Vorlesungsassistenz PHY262/263:

Version for HS20/FS21 (German) (101 kB).

Information about module PHY112/122 (physics majors only):

Information about module PHY102 (physics minors):

Official web site of PHY102

Information about student labs for students in medicine (incl. vet., dent.):

Official web site of the labs

English versions of the lab manuals:

Please note that for the experiments which are part of different labs, the list of problems/tasks may be different (experiments Ab, KL, WS)! Check that you download the correct one for the labs you are teaching (the same holds true for the proof copies in the labs.)
Thanks for full translations of most of the manuals go to Björn Graneli, Michael Miloradovic, Marc Schumann, Francesco Piastra, Elena Graverini, Winfried Borchardt, and Matthäus Heer!

Manuals PHY112/122 (physics majors):

Manuals PHY102 (physics minors):

Manuals Med/Vet (students in medicine and veterinary medicine):
Link of the new website: Lab Courses PHY1030 HS19/FS20 Medics.

Important phone numbers

These are internal phone numbers referring to mobile phone or paging systems. From outside, please, use the prefix 044-63 + ext.
  1. Matthias Hengsberger (physics majors and general) 54013 or 50664
  2. Ruth Bründler (med/vet labs) 54014
  3. Katharina Müller (minors) 55772
  4. Conrad Escher (technical problems) 56682
  5. Andreas James (technical problems) 54012
  6. Roland Bernet (computing, printer) 55773
  7. Paul Käser (computing, printer) 55756