Theoretical Physics Proseminar FS2015

The proseminar takes place on fridays at 10.15am in Y36 J 33.






13 MAR 1. SU(2) and SO(3) representations Stockli Jonas
13 MAR 2. Symmetries and the Wigner-Eckard theorem Rocco Monalisa
20 MAR 3. Lorentz and Poincare groups Meili Marius
27 MAR 4. Static quark model Datwyler, Hotz Adriano
17 APR 5. Antiparticles Dahme Adriano
8 MAY 7. Higgs mechanism Huber, Hermann Marius
15 MAY 8. IR singularities and KLN theorem Nussbaumes Jonas
15 MAY 9. Kaons Heer Monalisa
22 MAY 10. Noether theorem Radonic Jonas
22 MAY 11. Asymptotic freedom Faeh Monalisa

Topics (references in square brackets, see below)