Particle Physics Phenomenology II

Introduction to the course

The course provides an introduction to the Standard Model of particle physics, with an elementary discussion of the main theoretical aspects together with a survey of their experimental validation at colliders. Starting from the study of the proton structure, the main aspects of strong interactions and the factorization theorem are discussed. The Fermi theory and the standard electroweak model are then introduced. Finally, the Standard Model Higgs sector and the flavor structure are discussed. The final part of the course applies these concepts to hadronic collisions, by discussing the main aspects of LHC physics, the basic measurements, the new physics searches and the recent Higgs boson discovery.

Lectures notes and exercises

17 FEB The proton structure I (TH) notes exercises
24 FEB The proton structure II (TH) notes exercises
3 MAR The proton structure III (TH) notes exercises
10 MAR The proton structure (EXP) notes exercises/ slides
17 MAR Weak interactions and the SU(2)xU(1) gauge theory (TH) notes exercises
24 MAR The Higgs mechanism (TH) notes exercises
31 MAR The CKM matrix (TH) notes exercises
14 APR Electroweak precision (EXP) notes exercises/ slides
21 APR Hadron colliders I (EXP) notes exercises
28 APR Neutrinos (TH) notes exercises
5 MAY Hadron colliders II (EXP)/SM tests and open issues (TH) TH notes/ EXP notes exercises
12 MAY Hadron collider physics (TH) notes exercises
19 MAY Hadron collider physics (EX) notes exercises

Bibliography - references