49th Saas-Fee Advanced Course

The Milky Way in the Gaia Era

27 January to 2 February 2019
Saas-Fee, Valais (Wallis), Switzerland


The invited lecturers are James Binney, Rosine Lallement, Justin Read, and Jason Sanders.

The course will be in flipped-classroom style. That is, the main lectures are gradually being recorded in advance and available on this site. At Saas-Fee, rather than passively listening to lectures, attendees will be able to discuss the topics they find most interesting with the lecturers and with each other.

Registration and Accommodation

All scientific sessions will be at the Hotel Allalin, who also offer a range of accommodation options, which include breakfasts and dinners.

Please register and book accommodation directly with Hotel Allalin. There is no separate registration fee.

If you have questions please contact one of the organizers.