49th Saas-Fee Advanced Course

The Milky Way in the Gaia Era

27 January to 2 February 2019
Saas-Fee, Valais (Wallis), Switzerland

Advance preparation

Video lectures by James Binney, Rosine Lallement, Justin Read, and Jason Sanders are available online in flipped-classroom style. It is important that everyone goes through this advance material.


The timetable for the week at Saas-Fee will emphasize small-group sessions where attendees discuss the topics they are most interested in. These breakout sessions will be led by the lecturers, and by Ralph Schönrich, assisted by the organizers.

Local Information

All scientific sessions will be at the Hotel Allalin.

Train and bus times and weather forecasts.

If you are travelling from outside Switzerland, please do not forget to bring an adapter for Swiss electrical sockets.

If you have questions please contact one of the organizers.