Travelling in/around Zurich

The easiest way to to travel between the airport, University of Zurich Irchel campus, the ETH main building and Zurich Mainstation is to take tram number 10 which runs between Zurich Mainstation and Zurich Airport. To get out at the University of Zürich Irchel campus, use the stations Milchbuck or Universität Irchel. For ETH main campus, get out at ETH/Universitätsspital. It takes approximately 25 minutes to get from the airport to the Irchel campus, 10 minutes from the Irchel campus to the ETH main campus and around 5 minutes from the ETH main campus to Zurich Mainstation, the tram runs approximately every 10 minutes. Important: Please get a ticket at a ticket machine / vending office before you get on the tram.

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How to get to the Irchel campus

From Zurich Airport

From the airport take tram number 10, direction: Zürich, Bahnhofplatz/HB. Make sure you are not travelling to the other end, 'Zürich Flughafen, Fracht'. You can get out both at the stops Milchbuck or Universität Irchel. Travel time is approximately 25 minutes. Walk to the campus through the park and then follow the signs. Do not forget to get a ticket for 'Stadt Zürich' (city ticket) at a vending machine for CHF 6.60 (corresponding to zones 110, 121). When getting back to the airport, make sure that the tram direction reads 'Zürich Flughafen, Fracht', as a few trams turn around already in Oerlikon. Get out at the 'Zürich Flughafen' station. From the Milchbuck or Universität Irchel station you can use the shortcut 'Zurich Airport' or 'Zürich Flughafen' to get a ticket back to the airport.

From Zurich Mainstation

Take either tram number 7 (direction 'Stettbach, Bahnhof') or 14 (direction 'Zürich, Seebach') and exit at Milchbuck. Travel time is approximately 15 minutes. Walk to the campus through the park and then follow the signs. Also tram number 10 stops at Milchbuck or Universität Irchel but takes slightly longer (direction 'Zürich Flughafen, Fracht'). Do not forget to get a ticket for 'Zone 110' (sometimes abbreviated as 'Zone 10') at a vending machine for CHF 4.20.

By taxi

Give the driver the following address: Universität Zürich Irchel, Winterthurerstrasse 190

How to find your way to the meeting

Below you find two maps of the Irchel campus. The 'Testing Alternative Theories of Gravity with LPF' workshop on March 10 will take place in building 10, room G-03 and the LPF Science Team meeting on March 11 will be in building 21, room F-65. The eLISA Consortium meeting will take place in building 17, room M-05 on March 12 and in building 21, room F-65 on March 13. Once you have arrived at the Irchel campus, there will also be signs to guide you to the correct room.

If you come by car or want more information

Please consult the location information page of the Departement of Physics.

Travelling in Zurich

With a single ticket / day pass / multi day pass for zone 110 you can travel freely with trams and buses within Zurich. If you are not sure whether you are leaving the zone boundaries, consult this document. You can get a zone 110 day pass for CHF 8.40. Unfortunately, there are only reduced multi day passes for six days: if you stay for a shorter period, please get a new single ticket (valid for 1h) or day pass every morning (two single tickets cost already the same as a day pass).


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