PHY519 Applications of General Relativity

General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Philippe Jetzer

Simone Balmelli (Irchel, Y36 K32)
Ruxandra Bondarescu (Irchel, Y36 K34)
Davide Fiacconi (Irchel, Y36 L08)

Lecture: Friday 09:45-11:30 (Hönggerberg, HPV G4)
Exercises: Friday 11:45-12:30 (Hönggerberg, HPV G4)

Lecture Notes

AGR.pdf (PDF, 624 KB)

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Variations between the lecture notes and the black board may occur occasionally.

There exist some unofficial lecture notes of 2010 by Felix Hähl on the ETH Lecture Notes Repository.

Material from the General Relativity Lecture

The lecture notes can be found here (PDF, 1 MB).

Additional Material

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  • N. Straumann, General Relativity with applications to Astrophysics, Springer Verlag, 2004
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