PHY231 Data Analysis

Content delivery and attendance

The situation can rapidly change so please keep up to date with the latest information. The following was up-to-date on 10th September.

Due to the pandemic, the course delivery will be different this year compared to last time.

Lectures: It is planned to have students on site for live lectures. However, attendance will be limited due to safety restrictions. The lectures will therefore be simultaneously broadcast via Zoom* for those who cannot or do not wish to attend in person.

Exercises: There are two rooms available for exercise classes in python. Similar to the lectures, we do not have enough space to have everyone attend in person. Therefore, we will provide online exercise classes on Zoom*, using breakout rooms to deal with specific questions.

In order to attend the lectures and classes, a registration will be needed. The link in OLAT is here. Please check this link every Thursday to register for the following week.

Zoom details: 

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Meeting ID: 955 2515 1670

Passcode: Communicated via email


The course will be graded 1-6. With 50% of the grade from exercise sheets and another 50% from a test given in the middle of the course. The requirements to pass the course will be to get at least 50% of the marks from the exercise sheets and at least 50% of the marks in the exam.

Midterm test (3rd November 15h00-17h00):

 * The midterm test is worth 50% of the overall grade

 * It is based on the first seven lectures.

 * It will be held remotely on ZOOM.

* Due to the limitations in the number of people shown on zoom, we will split everyone into two groups and have two zoom rooms. The relevant zoom room for you will be communicated before the test.

 * There will be a formula sheet which will be shared beforehand.

 * Apart from the formula sheet, the test is closed book. 

 * A calculator is allowed to be used during the exam.

Rules during the exam:

 * It is required to connect to the zoom room 20 mins before the test (14h40) in order to check ID and room setup.

 * The setup should be a laptop to show the exam and a camera, with a smart phone to take photos of the solutions. The solutions must be written down on paper. If there is a problem with this setup, please send us an email and we can find a solution.

 * It will be mandatory to have your camera on showing your hands during the test with no virtual background.

 * At the start of the exam, you will be required to show your room and your ID card.

 * The test will be sent as a PDF via email to everyone registered to the course at 15h00. 

 * Once you have downloaded the exam, only one hand is allowed to touch the laptop.

 * You should be prepared to share your screen, show your room or test the audio if the assistant asks.

 * The solutions should be written down on a piece of paper with black or blue pen.

 * If you have a question, please use the raise hand feature, no typing into the zoom chat is allowed.

 * At the end of the test, the solutions should be photographed (or scanned) and sent to This must be done from your official UZH email. When everyone's solutions have been confirmed to be received, you will be allowed to disconnect from the zoom room.


Patrick Owen

Vadym Denysenko / Jonas Eschle / Oliver Lantwin / Sojin Shim


Lectures: Tuesdays 09:00 to 09:45 in Y16 G 05
Exercises: Tuesdays 15:00 to 17:00 in Y36 J 23 und Y36 J 33


Patrick Owen: Y36 J 22 (044 63) 55817  
Oliver Lantwin: Y36 J 22 (044 63) 55817 \
Vadym Denysenko: Y36 J 24 (044 63) 55779
Jonas Eschle: Y36 J 24 (044 63) 55779  
Sojin Shim     /