Bachelor studies

The Bachelor's program in physics lasts 6 semesters and leads to the "Bachelor of Science UZH in Physics" (BSc).

The Bachelor program is available in three variants:

  • as mono subject: major with 180 ECTS credits in the main subject physics
  • with small minor subject: major with 150 ECTS credits in physics, 30 ECTS credits in minor subject
  • with major minor subject: major with 120 ECTS credits in physics, 60 ECTS credits in minor subject

The Bachelor program consists of a number of modules (one module is e.g. a lecture with exercises). If you have successfully completed a module, you will receive a certain number of credit points. The exams usually take place in the weeks after the end of the semester.


A bachelor’s degree in physics consists of three parts

  • Introductory modules I to IV in physics with exemplary experiments and accompanying lab courses
  • Higher level courses in areas of experimental physics, sometimes accompanied by a lab.
  • A cycle of fundamental lectures in theoretical physics, some of which are core elective modules

This foundational education is rounded off with lectures in the fundamentals of mathematics, along with core elective and elective modules and their pro-seminars. During the lecture-free period we offer intensive courses, usually on practical topics such as informatics, electronics or workshops in mechanics.

By regulation, a bachelor can be completed in 6 semesters. 180 credit points are necessary for completion. In the bachelor, there are three options for completing a major in Physics: students may select a major for 180, 150 or 120 credits points. The latter two options must be accompanied by a minor program worth either 30 or 60 credit points (CP).

The following table provides an overview of the number of credit points that must be earned in the form of compulsory, core elective and elective modules or as part of the minor in each of these three program options:

Study options

the three program options are the same in the first three semesters.


When a student successfully completes all requirements, they will receive the diploma “Bachelor of Science UZH in Physics.”

Student’s GPA for their bachelor’s degree is composed of a weighted average of all graded modules according to how many credit points they were worth. Grades from a student’s major in physics and minor are recorded separately.

Be aware that you need to be correctly inscribed in your study programme in the semester you graduate.

Study guide

The Guide to Physics Studies (PDF, 1 MB) provides comprehensive information about the Bachelor's and Master's programs.