Procedure to complete the PhD program

After completing the PhD thesis

  1. Submit the application form for the defense of the PhD thesis to the Office of Student Affairs of the Science Faculty.
  2. The responsible faculty member of the PhD committee organizes the circulation of the PhD thesis in the Faculty of Science.
  3. After successful defense, the responsible faculty member of the PhD committee submits the final version of the thesis and the minutes of the PhD exam to the Student Affairs Office.

After validation of the PhD thesis by the Faculty of Science

  1. Publish your PhD thesis as per requirements. Subsequent changes to the content of your PhD thesis must be approved by the chair of the doctoral committee and the Vice Dean of Studies.
  2. PhD candidates must remain matriculated at the University of Zurich until they have submitted deposit copies to the library (Zentralbibliothek Zurich). This deposition is a condition for the diploma to be issued.
  3. You may only carry the title of doctor (PhD) after having received the diploma.