Depending on the selected study program (Mono (180 ECTS), Major 150, or Major 120), a minor subject must be selected. The Major 150 includes one minor subject with a scope of 30 ECTS. The Major 120  includes one minor subject with a scope of 60 ECTS or two minor subjects with 30 ECTS. The minor subject can be selected from the range of all subjects taught at UZH or ETHZ that exist to this extent. The minor subject grade is calculated from the module grades of the minor subject modules averaged by credit points.
In the Masters' program a minor subject of 30 ECTS can be selected in addition to the 90 ECTS Master. The Master's programme is thus completed with 120 ECTS, whereby the standard period of study is extended by one semester.

These minor subjects are especially recommended for physics students (for 30 or 60 ECTS):


Complete list of minor programs at UZH