Students research projects

The physics institute offers various summer internships for students during the semester break. 


Open positions for internships are published here:

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Current projects


Completed projects

Project: tests of silicon Photomultipliers for dark matter searches
Prof. L. Baudis (Astroparticle Physics)
Student: Kate Marshal (GB)

Project: Measurements of light and charge yield in liquid xenon with s small the projection chamber
Prof. L. Baudis (Astroparticle Physics)
Student: Yanina Biondi (Argentina)

Project: Improvement of tracking for b-tagging at HLT exploiting phase-1 pixel detetctor.
Prof. F. Canelli (Particle and Astroparticle Physics)
Student: Sara Ruiz Daza (Spain)

Project: Perihelion precession in the framework of the Kerr Metrie
Prof. P. Jetzer (Gravitation and Astrophysics)
Student: Sarah Racz (USA)

Project: 19-Note Tuning System
Prof. P. Saha (Gravitation and Astrophysics)
Student: Leonard Budd (GB)

Project: Preparation of low background samples for magnetisation measurements of single molecule magnets.
Prof. T. Greber (Surface Physics)
Student: Siddart Sourabh Sahn (India)

Project: Entanglement spectrum and entanglement entropy of commuting projector Hamiltonians.
Prof. T. Neupert (Condensed Matter Theory)
Student: Valerio Peri (Italian)