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Seminar in Condensed Matter Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Campus Irchel: Y36-K-08


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Spring Semester 2022


Date Speaker Title Host
02-03-2022 Vladimir N. Strocov

Soft X-Ray ARPES: From Bulk Materials to Buried Heterostructures and Impurities (DOCX, 179 KB)

Johan Chang
30-03-2022 (3 pm) Arijit Haldar Higher-order topology and corner triplon excitations in two-dimensional quantum spin-dimer models Titus Neupert
06-04-2022 Efrain Rodriguez Breaking Symmetry to Induce Novel Properties in Inorganic Materials Marc Janoschek
27-04-2022 Martin Švec

From Single-Molecule Photon Emitters to Entangled Excitonic States

Aleš Cahlík
11-05-2022 Gareth S. Parkinson Single-Atom Catalysts: An Atomic-Scale View (PDF, 160 KB) Zbynek Novotny
18-05-2022 Joseph Maciejko Hyperbolic band theory Tomáš Bzdušek
25-05-2022 Martin Wenderoth Charge dynamics at semiconductor surfaces investigated by time resolved Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (PDF, 222 KB) Fabian Natterer
01-06-2022 Markus Garst

Magnetic skyrmion strings: how they bend, twist and vibrate

Marc Janoschek
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