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News 2020

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  • Highly Cited Scientists 2020

    Laura Baudis and Titus Neupert are on the list of Highly Cited Scientists 2020 - their papers rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science™. Congratulations!

  • Laura Baudis

    Laura Baudis - Breaking the Wall with Dark Matter

    Laura Baudis is a finalist  for the Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year of the Berlin Science festival.

  • Congratulations to Alison Mitchell

    Alison Mitchell was awarded the HESS prize for numerous contributions to the H.E.S.S. experiment, on both technical and scientific aspects.


  • In Memoriam: Prof. Dr. Günter Scharf, Professor Emeritus for theoretical physics

    Deceased on August 16, 2020 at the age of 82

    Günter Robert Scharf was full professor of theoretical physics at the University of Zurich from 1970 to 2006. In particular, he was a capacity in mathematical physics.

  • Tetraquark

    LHCb discovers a new type of tetraquark

    The LHCb collaboration has observed a type of four-quark particle never seen before. It is the  first observation of a so called tetraquark with four heavy quarks of the same type, specifically two charm quarks and two charm antiquarks


    Observation of Excess Events in XENON1T

    The XENON collaboration that includes the group of Laura Baudis announced that data show a surprising excess of events

  • Carlos

    Congratulations to Carlos Abellan Beteta

    Carlos Abellan Beteta (Group Nico Serra) was awarded the LHCb Early Career Scientist Award for his leading contributions to the Upstream Tracker project.


  • Annual Report

    SPG Thesis Award for Frank Schindler

    Congratulations to Frank Schindler who is awarded the SPG thesis price 2020 for his work on "Higher-order topological insulators"


  • Natterer

    New Publication Group Natterer

    Lessons from a traveling salesperson improve scanning tunneling microscopy

  • PT

    Prof. Em. Dr. Peter Truöl, Professor Emeritus for Elementary Particle Physics, has passed away

    Wir trauern um unseren Kollegen, Freund und Mentor Peter Truöl, der am 22. März nach kurzer schwerer Krankheit im Alter von 80 Jahren verstorben ist.

    Peter Truöl war von 1971-2006 Professor für Elementarteilchenphysik am Physik-Institut und initierte hier den Übergang der experimentellen Forschung von der Mittelenergie- zur Hochenergiephysik. Mit seiner Arbeitsgruppe beteiligte er sich an Experimenten am PSI, DESY und CERN aber auch in Berkeley, Los Alamos, Brookhaven.

  • Annual Report

    Annual Report 2019

    The Annual report 2019 is online:

  • LHCb

    LHCb: new angular analysis confirms old puzzle

    The LHCb collaboration presented in a CERN seminar the update of a full angular analysis of the B0→K*μμ decay. The tension previously seen between the LHCb results and the Standard Model predictions persists.

  • Chang

    Two-flavor superconductivity

    Members of group Chang have provided new insight into the intricate competing relationship between charge density waves and high-temperature superconductivity in the cuprates.

  • ML Workshop

    Machine Learning Workshop, postponed

    The workshop aims at showcasing the work of researchers at the University of Zürich that intend to use Machine Learning (ML) to enhance results of their research, while also providing a hands-on session as an example of how advanced ML tools are practically used.

  • Gibert

    Unusual coupling in an artificial material

    The group of Marta Gibert published results on the transport properties of atomic-precise superlattices made from two alternating distinct nickelate layers, NdNiO3 and SmNiO3 in Nature Materials.