Patrick Lenggenhager

Patrick Lenggenhager

Associated PhD Student

Phone: +41 44 635 5750

Room number: Y36 K94



For more and up to date information (including a list of publications) please visit my personal website.

Research Interests

  • Topological materials / band theory
  • Transport and non-equilibrium physics / Floquet systems
  • Information theory and statistical physics

Currently, I am studying various properties of topological bandstructures. This includes both simple toy models illustrating novel topology and effective models of real materials. I am interested in transport properties of such materials as well as the interplay of the topology with interactions.

Short CV

2019 - present: PhD in Condensed Matter Theory, ETH Zurich / Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland. Associated PhD Student at University of Zurich, Switzerland

2018 - 2019: Master Thesis in Condensed Matter Theory, Caltech, CA USA

2016 - 2019: MSc in Physics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2012 - 2015: BSc in Physics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2012 - present: Member of the Swiss Study Foundation