Tomáš Bzdušek

Tomáš Bzdušek, Dr.

Associated Senior Scientist

Phone: +41 44 63 55750

Room number: Y36 J34

Office hours

My daily schedule at UZH vs. PSI is somewhat irregular, but can always be checked here

Research Interests

  • Topological band theory
  • Open and periodically driven quantum systems
  • Unconventional and topological superconductivity

Short CV

2019 - present: Ambizione postdoctoral fellowship at Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, Switzerland. Associated senior scientist in the group of Prof. Titus Neupert at the University of Zürich.

2017 - 2019: Moore postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, USA

2013 - 2017: Doctoral degree in the group of Prof. Manfred Sigrist, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

2010 - 2013: Master degree in Theoretical Physics, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 - 2010: Bachelor degree in Physics, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia

Selected Publications

Non-Abelian Reciprocal Braiding of Weyl Nodes and its Manifestation in ZrTe
A. Bouhon, Q.S. Wu, R.-J. Slager, H. Weng, O. V. Yazyev, and T. Bzdušek
Nature Physics (2020)

Non-Abelian band topology in non-interacting metals
Q.S. Wu, A. A. Soluyanov, and T. Bzdušek
Science 365, 1273—1277 (2019)

Conversion Rules for Weyl Points and Nodal Lines in Topological Media
X.-Q. Sun, S.-C. Zhang, and T. Bzdušek
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 106402 (2018)

Robust doubly charged nodal lines and nodal surfaces in centrosymmetric systems
T. Bzdušek and M. Sigrist
Phys. Rev. B 96, 155105 (2017)

Nodal-chain metals
T. Bzdušek, Q.S. Wu, A. Rüegg, M. Sigirst, and A. A. Soluyanov
Nature 538, 75—78 (2016)

Selected Prizes and Awards

  • Ambizione fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2019 – 2023)
  • The Silver Medal of ETH Zürich and the Dimitris N. Chorafas Prize in recognition of my doctoral thesis (both 2018)
  • Moore fellowship by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (2017 – 2019)
  • Second prize at the 17th International Mathematics Competition (2011)
  • Gold medal at the 38th International Physics Olympiad (2007)