Memorial Symposium for Alexey Soluyanov

December 13, 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

Alexey Soluyanov

The Memorial Symposium will commemorate the scientific work and life of Prof. Alexey Soluyanov, who passed away on 26 Oct 2019 after tragically losing his battle with cancer. Prof. Soluyanov made seminal contributions to several fields of topological condensed matter theory, such as the prediction of new species of topological semimetals, developing computational tools for high- throughput search for novel topological materials, and the study of Majorana nanowires with prospective applications for quantum information technology. 

The Memorial Symposium brings together the closest international collaborators of Prof. Soluyanov, his academic supervisors, his former and current group members, the local faculty members, as well as local physics students. A lively and stimulating symposium will not just celebrate the former work of Prof. Soluyanov, but also nurture further scientific discussions between the participants, and expand on the influential ideas that Prof. Soluyanov brought forward to the scientific community. 


The Symposium takes place at the downtown campus of the University of Zurich in RAA G01


For registration, please send an email to the conference secretary Gaby Aeppli.


Any contributions for Alexey's family are greatly appreciated.

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Tentative Program

9:00 Opening
9:15 David Vanderbilt (Rutgers)
Topology and the Wannier Representation
9:45 Nicola Spaldin (ETHZ)
Hunting for magnetoelectric monopoles
10:15 Sebastian Huber (ETHZ)
Fragile topology in acoustics
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Aris Alexandradinata (UIUC)
Teleportation of Berry curvature on the surface of a Hopf insulator
11:45 Alexandra Nelson (UZH)
Recent developments on Hopf insulators
12:00 Arkadiy Davydov (UZH)
Modelling realistic Hamiltonians for moiré systems"
12:15 Bartholomew Andrews (UZH)
Fractional quantum Hall states for Moiré superstructures in the Hofstadter regime
12:30 Lunch Break (individually)
For food options, follow someone local or see here
14:00 Matthias Troyer (Microsoft)
Materials simulation and quantum computing
14:30 Georg Wolfgang Winkler (Microsoft)
Topological Superconductivity in Full-Shell Nanowires
15:00 Yazyev Oleg (EPFL)
Searching for materials realizations of novel topological phases
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Maia Garcia Vergniory (DIPC)
Topological Quantum Chemistry of Light
16:30 Tomas Bzdusek (PSI)
Nodal lines, chains, and braids
17:00 B Andrei Bernevig (Princeton)
Hinge Fermi Arcs