Why leptoquarks ?

There are 6 quarks and 6 leptons.  Quarks and leptons are both arranged into 3 generations.  A W boson can transform a charged lepton into a neutral lepton.  A W boson can also transform an up-type quark to a down-type quark.  That's a lot of coincidences.  Perhaps quarks and leptons are more fundamentally related ?  Perhaps there are particles that behave both like leptons and quarks ? 


Third-generation leptoquarks. 

Anomalies in the decay of B hadrons could be solved if there are strong new interactions with leptoquarks composed of third-generation particles.  My group have  recently started looked for these particles. 

Publications : 

Search for a singly produced third-generation scalar leptoquark decaying to a τ lepton and a bottom quark in proton-proton collisions at s√= 13 TeV

More to come !!