Nuclear physics

Organisational: Lecture held Tue 10-12 in P603

Tutorials: Mo 10-12, P1012

Mo 12-14, P1012, M631, P812

Mo14-16 M631

Lecture at the University of Konstanz covering the basics of nuclear and particle physics. In particular, detectors and accelerators, nuclear masses, reactors, theory of alpha- and beta decay. Short introduction to the standard model of particle physics including modern aspects, such as neutrino oscillations.

Introduction/Scattering (PPT, 10 MB)

Detectors (PPT, 7 MB)

Binding Energies (PPT, 4 MB)

Decays (PPT, 14 MB)

Neutrinos (PPT, 8 MB)

Standard Model (PPT, 3 MB)

Summary (PPT, 7 MB)


Blatt 13 (PDF, 122 KB)

The student presentations from the exercises are here.